Active participation in OpenMaster since 1992 • A team of specialists in all fields linked to network management and intelligent systems • Experts in object-oriented software design and development with a genuine on hands experience • A thorough practice and a unique savoir-faire in OpenMaster • A careful consideration of users' needs • A new open-minded approach • A line of products with value added in response to real world expectations.


New products in response to real constraints • A strongly structured design • An object oriented architecture based on control/view models • A modular and distributed approach • A constant search for simplicity, efficiency and reusability • An economy of means, an overall coherence, an ergonomic engineering and a finished quality yet unmatched.


A set of applications and services written with the language and the standard libraries of OpenMaster • A guaranteed compatibility with the existent • Easy communication with any other applications of OpenMaster.


An on going dialogue with the users • Clear relationship with the integrators • A constant improvement of the products • A dedicated support of our partners.



A ready to use solution • Unmatched performance • Reduced resource requirements • One product for multiple purposes • Only one license for one entire project • A price reduction plan on volume.


inWay's SmartSuite for OpenMaster is a set of ready-to-use applications and tools.


mapper dynamic graphical view of the network explorer network/database/process surveillance
logger alarm logging/consultation/processing simulator network simulation/control
broker process communications mime generic object manager

On the Web

webit PHP gateway to the Web    

MIB Tools

browser browsing the network viewer viewing the network instances
maker managing the MIB notifier sending events


cstudio search and definitions of event correlations with time constraints


inWay's SmartSuite for OpenMaster is in operation at the core of many large area network management solutions.

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All products by inWay are available for a trial period free of charge. Call Eric Companie at +33 (0)3 29 42 03 59 or email at eric.companie@inway.fr.