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  • shows network elements in graphical maps of animated pictures and links,
  • aimed to be the central component in a network and system administration based on OpenMaster,
  • the result of much experience in network management and network mapping,
  • designed with an object-oriented architecture and around a message-driven control loop,
  • can display multiple frames with or without scrollbars, zooming, a main menu and control buttons,
  • maps are designed by dragging and dropping objects from palettes,
  • graphical properties are changed with dedicated inspectors,
  • pictures and links can be animated by any network events and any MIB instances or even a database,
  • animation messages change graphical properties with unlimited effects,
  • they can also hide, show or start blinking objects,
  • moreover, they can trigger personalized sound alerts,
  • internal and external actions can be run from contextual menus,
  • map files can be generated automatically by program,
  • maps can be inserted in specific applications,
  • animations are normally triggered by the explorer but any other application can take this role, separately or simultaneously,
  • delivered with a complete tutorial and a simulation program.
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