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  • displays alarm log records in independent tables with colored text or graphics,
  • dialogs with a demon which correlates and logs alarms and events for several concurrent applications,
  • controls access to the log with an identification key passed to the demon which fixes what can be seen,
  • controls actions on the log with configurable rules,
  • reacts immediately to an alarm change, doesn't repeatedly poll the log,
  • signals any change by an icon and a personalized sound alert,
  • can show all events correlated to a particular alarm,
  • can search the event log and history log for passed alarms,
  • can display a detail view of any alarm, history alarm or event,
  • can open and close trouble tickets,
  • can keep displaying terminated alarms for a given time,
  • can sort a view by column in ascending or descending order in one click,
  • can filter a view on any column or logical combination of columns in one click,
  • can search alarms or events with regular expressions,
  • can count alarms using programmable filters,
  • can print alarms and events, save them in a file and open a previously saved view for off-line processing,
  • can move, resize, hide and show columns interactively,
  • can be configured in every way depending on different user profiles,
  • can be added more columns to display any alarm field or computed data,
  • can log and display any type of alarm or event,
  • can be extended with more formatting, coloring, counting, filtering and sorting functions,
  • can be extended with user functions run from a menu or by double clicking on an alarm,
  • can communicate with any other application via the broker.
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