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  • watches a MIB, a database or a process for other applications,
  • manages a collection of filters on network events and queries on MIB or database instances,
  • awaits for M-EVENT reports,
  • periodically runs M-GET or SQL requests and remote function calls,
  • sends messages to other applications like the mapper or the logger via the broker when an event or an instance is recognized,
  • messages can be accompanied with data extracted from an event or a function call, a MIB or a database instance,
  • can collect information combining messages and correlate events and queries,
  • limits the number of queries on the MIB, a database or another process to minimum,
  • particularly designed and programmed to pass filters as fast as possible,
  • relieves applications from the complex task of collecting and interpreting management information,
  • drastically reduces traffic and processing time both in the framework and the serviced applications,
  • can interface OpenMaster for external applications through the webit.
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