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If you want to make the most out of your commercial activity, a complete and reliable control of your network is the key to insure the highest level of availability of your services to your customers and your own workforce.

Fixed phone network
Arcor's fixed phone network

Our solution

We offer a line of ready-to-use products designed to cover all aspects of an efficient network management solution:

Snapshots Correlation

On the Web

All the information elaborated with the SmartSuite is accessible on the Web. With the SmartSuite, your are free to use all the technologies available on the Web like Apache and IIS servers, PHP, HTML and XML formats, XSL and XPATH translators, .NET, Java, JavaScript and Flash to dialog with the information system.


SmartSuite & Correlation Studio

Based on OpenMaster by Evidian, a leading network management platform well established in the market, our SmartSuite can operate on any piece of equipment in any network. Fast, reliable and secure, amazingly flexible, perfectly integrated with the services provided by OpenMaster, our software is the simple and uniform solution to a complex task.

Graphical workshop for designing and simulating event correlation rules with time constraints, Correlation Studio is an advanced software tool in the field of intelligent exploitation of the flow of information pulled from a network.


The SmartSuite is at the core of several large area network management systems in operation in Germany. See our references in passenger air traffic control (DFS) as well as in fixed phone (Arcor) and mobile phone networks (Die Bahn, T-Mobile).

Arcor DieBahn Deutsche Flugsicherung T-Mobile

Guided tour

You can start your visit by a quick tour through the slide show and continue by a more technical presentation of all our products.

Read the overview for an explanation of how the SmartSuite is integrated with OpenMaster, Oracle and the ARS trouble ticketing system from Remedy, and how the complete information system can be made available on the Web.

The interview with the conceptor of the SmartSuite gives a lot of information about a normalized network administration, the links between OpenMaster and the SmartSuite, the advantages brought by the SmartSuite, the typical architecture of a supervision system built around the SmartSuite, the different realizations based on the SmartSuite, inWay's role, etc.


All our software is available for a trial period free of charge. If you already have OpenMaster, you can download the SmartSuite products and run them immediately.

You will find the right person from inWay to talk to on the contacts page.